The Voyage of Life

February 22, 2009

Matthew 18:2-6; Psalm 139:15; Genesis 2:7; Psalm 46:4

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Cole’s first painting, Childhood, depicts a little child joyfully coming out of a dark and mysterious cave, riding in the center of a beautifully adorned, wooden boat. The landscape is brimming with life and springtime freshness. The whole world, filled with endless hope and possibilities, stands before this little child. A “Guardian Spirit” escorts and watches over the child as he/she embarks on the Voyage of Life. With much more detailed description and analysis of Cole’s painting, combined with a look at the Scriptural allusions this all points to, this message will explore what childhood is about from God’s perspective and how we can help keep it so in our own children’s (or grand-children’s; niece’s; nephews; etc.) lives.

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