Experiencing the Rescue Efforts

Sunday AM

February 8, 2009

Luke 15:11-24

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In this section of Luke 15, we are confronted with a clarion call from Jesus to experience the rescue efforts by volitionally identifying with one of two primary characters in this story—while at the same time avoiding becoming like the third character. As we shall see, Jesus will challenge us to either identify with a “lost son” and make the decision to “come home” to God; OR to identify with the “waiting father” and make the decision to be about gracefully welcoming lost son’s home. All the while, we must guard our hearts and minds from choosing to become like an “older brother” who is angry and judgmental about the younger son coming home and thus also distant from the father.

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    2 Responses to “Experiencing the Rescue Efforts”

    1. February 8th, 2009 at 9:46 pm Sandy Oglesby wrote:

      Dear Pastor Jamie, Wonderful lesson! I did have a thought I’d like to share. You gave little time to the older brother (never enough time to preach, I know).Was he perhaps overly proud of his position, did he badger the younger brother, letting him know his position was less than,that he would never measure up, was he indeed part of the reason the younger brother wanted to leave? How many real life situations in the Bible and in our lives give credence to these thoughts. I see a metaphor for the church here: how often do people feel that they do not measure up or that they cannot compete with the “perfection” of others in the church? So the younger brother not only must come home to God, he must also face the brother and I think that is why so many cannot bring themselves to come back to God. People are in your face and as you said, standing with arms crossed. Un-Christ like behavior toward the fallen is a great hindrance to their repentance. And our attitude is just the same as the older brothers when we act like that. How many have been lost to the cause of Christ due to these attitudes? May the Lord forgive us and restore us and give us hearts of deep compassion!
      Your sister in Christ,
      Sandy Oglesby

    2. February 8th, 2009 at 10:48 pm Mark Bell wrote:

      We visited Scottsdale earlier this week and spent some time with my cousin Maggie, who lives there in Scottsdale. She has been searching for the Lord for many years so we spoke with her about God’s love for her and encouraged her to attend your church this Sunday. She has told us that Jesus is her Savior, but we know she has not been walking with Him. She did attend and left us a message that she was truly blessed. We are going to be going through “The Purpose Driven Life” with her over the next 40 days so please keep us in your prayers. And if you run into a Maggie in one of your services it may be her.

      Mark & Judy Bell
      Spokane, WA

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