The Gift of Relationship

November 29, 2009

James 1:19

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    1. December 4th, 2009 at 9:13 pm Mark Erwin (Please publish if you like!) wrote:

      Our son Garrison, is a “firstie” (senior) at the Naval Academy. He text messaged us last night at 12:45 east cost time to say he had just watched your sermon online and was on fire about it. With all of the commitments at the academy, both academic, along with training and leadership responsibilities, Midshipmen have very little time to themselves. To receive a text from him, raving about your sermon and knowing that he finds time to keep God in his life is so encouraging. Garrison has been blessed by your teaching so many times and we wanted to share his text with you! “Dad, so i just watched Daryl’s message from Sunday and it was awesome! There is no replacing that man! Love Garrison”

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